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Who is Drew Hicks, Bhojpuri-speaking American who received award from PM Modi?
Mar 08, 2024 02:30 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the National Creators Awards will have an important place in future. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday presented the ‘Best International Creator’ award to American content creator Andrew Hicks at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. Expressing gratitude for the recognition, Hicks said he wants to make people happy and India proud with his work. Andrew Hicks, adept in Hindi and Bhojpuri language, creates short videos for Instagram and YouTube that quickly go viral. Hicks, known for his distinctive accent that sets him apart, has carved a niche for himself on social media. He has nearly 9 lakh followers on Instagram and his videos garner millions of views.When PM Modi asked him about his interest in the Hindi and Bhojpuri languages, Hicks said he spent some time in Varanasi during his childhood days when his father was studying at Banaras Hindu University. Hicks said his father was also involved in the trade of Mithila painting in Patna which made him spend some time in the Bihar capital.The National Creators Award has been envisioned as a launch pad for the use of creativity to drive positive change. Among those awarded were Pankhti Pandey, who got the award in 'Green Champion' category, Keerthika Govindasamy got it for best story teller, singer Maithili Thakur got the 'Cultural Ambassador of the Year award', Gaurav Chaudhary for the Best Creator in Tech Category and Kamiya Jani for the Favourite Travel Creator. Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged digital content creators to create content on the country, showcasing its culture and heritage. Addressing the 'National Creators Award' at Bharat Mandapam in the national capital on Friday, the PM also asked the digital creators to engage the world audience with their content."...Let's come together to start a 'Create on India' movement. Let's share the story of India to the world. Let's create content on India and create it for the world. Create such content that would help your country to get likes along with you and for this, you have to engage with a global audience," the PM said.