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EVM doubts haunt Opposition after Sam Pitroda weighs in on voting manipulation fears
Jan 02, 2024 12:28 pm

The last Opposition meeting took note of the concerns and resolved to petition the Election Commission for adequate safeguards.Digvijaya, who recently attended a meeting called by Congress leader Udit Raj on EVMs, has been posting more messages and videos on EVM hacking than about actual politics in the past few weeks.He posted this on X a few days ago: “INDIA partners have been requesting the Election Commission of India for a meeting since August but they don’t have time to meet the opposition parties. Will the Chief Justice of India pay heed to this?”Digvijaya added: “The Election Commission always says the Supreme Court has given its verdict on EVMs. Should the recognised political parties stop seeking answers to their legitimate concerns from the Election Commission? Is this justice, the Chief Justice of India?”A large number of Congress leaders nurture doubts about the EVMs and some have even suggested a boycott of elections to precipitate a crisis.“Rahul Gandhi is a leader who won’t raise an issue without clinching evidence. But the Congress has formally passed a resolution demanding a return to paper ballots,” a senior Congress politician told The Telegaph. “The Election Commission won’t pay any heed without a mass movement. Stray statements and seminars won’t help. We have to mobilise lakhs of people and sit outside the Election Commission.”Udit Raj, chairman of the party’s unorganised workers’ cell, has been trying to build up a movement against the use of EVMs but hasn’t received any institutional support from the party.