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US Seeks to Diversify International Student Body, Favors Indians over Chinese in Sciences
Jun 25, 2024 12:34 pm

Divya Delhi: US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell has urged American universities to welcome more international students, but with a caveat: he believes that Indian students are a better fit for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs due to their country's growing importance as a US security partner. Campbell emphasized that the US needs to recruit more students from India, rather than China, citing concerns over national security.

The comments come amid growing tensions between the US and China, which has historically been the largest source of international students in the US. However, some academics and civil society leaders have criticized the Trump administration's "China Initiative" as promoting racial profiling of Asian Americans and stifling scientific cooperation between the two nations.

Campbell acknowledged that US universities have taken steps to limit Chinese students' access to sensitive technology, citing security concerns. He also suggested that some US officials believe that China is the only source of STEM talent, but rejected this notion, stating that Indian students would be a better fit for these programs.

The Deputy Secretary of State emphasized that the US needs to be careful not to eliminate ties with China, but blamed Beijing for the deteriorating academic, business, and non-profit sector ties between the two countries. He also noted that foreign executives and philanthropists are wary of long-term stays in China due to concerns about personal security.

Campbell's remarks seem to suggest that the US is willing to welcome Chinese students, but only if they focus on studying humanities and social sciences rather than STEM fields.