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Upon being refused a BJP ticket for Pilibhit Lok Sabha, Varun Gandhi stated, ‘If not as an MP…’
Mar 28, 2024 06:17 pm

Maneka Gandhi or her son Varun Gandhi has held Pilibhit since 1996. BJP candidate Varun Gandhi won in 2009 and 2019. After being denied a Lok Sabha ticket from Pilibhit, BJP MP Varun Gandhi wrote an emotional letter to his constituents on Thursday, reminiscing his youth in the district. Varun Gandhi wrote a poignant note about how the land had become his workplace and a part of his identity, with its inhabitants being an important part of his life. The BJP denied Varun Gandhi a ticket. “Many memories have made me emotional as I write this letter. Gandhi remarked, "I recall that 3-year-old child who came to Pilibhit for the first time in 1983 holding his mother's finger. How did he know that one day this land would become his workplace and the people here would become his family “I consider myself fortunate that I got to serve the great people of Pilibhit for years,” he said. He valued the constituents' teachings in values, simplicity, and kindness, which shaped his job as an MP and his personal growth. "Even though my tenure as an MP is coming to an end," he wrote, "my relationship with Pilibhit cannot end till my last breath." Varun Gandhi did not appear in Pilibhit on the last day of nominations, ending speculation that he would run as an independent after the party denied him a ticket. Maneka Gandhi, his mother and Sultanpur MP, was given another shot by the BJP. This is the first election in over 30 years that Maneka and Varun Gandhi from Pilibhit, a Terai constituency bordering Nepal, would not contest. Varun Gandhi promised to serve the community despite not getting a ticket. If not as an MP, then as a son, I will serve you throughout my life and keep my doors open for you.” “I entered politics to speak for the people, and today I ask for your blessings to continue doing so at all costs. My affection and faith for Pilibhit transcend politics. Varun Gandhi ended, "I was, am, and will be yours."