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'Tihar Jail report is bundle of lies, sugar test done when level is low': AAP on Arvind Kejriwal's health
Apr 21, 2024 04:30 pm

Delhi Minister and AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj have alleged that the Tihar Jail report is a "bundle of lies". Bharadwaj claimed," Whenever the sugar level has been low, only that record is there in the report". He alleged that a conspiracy is being hatched to kill Arvind Kejriwal.

"Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is not being given insulin. If a patient with diabetes is not given insulin on time, for that person, it becomes a question of life or death. A conspiracy is being hatched to kill him (Arvind Kejriwal). The people of Delhi will give a reply to this crime," Sanjay Singh said.The Tihar Jail Administration on Saturday submitted a report to the Delhi Lieutenant Governor regarding the health status of CM Kejriwal, who has been lodged in Tihar jail since April 1 this year.According to the report, CM Kejriwal was on insulin for diabetes control. The report also called it "incorrect" to say that the Chief Minister was being denied insulin by jail authorities."CM Kejriwal, as advised by the Telangana Doctor, was on an insulin reversal program and the Doctor had stopped insulin dosage much before the arrest of CM Kejriwal. At the time of arrest, he was just taking a basic anti-diabetes oral medicine tablet, Metformin," the report stated."The medicine specialist, after examining Kejriwal, also noted that considering all parameters and vitals of the UTP (Kejriwal) since his placement in judicial custody, his blood sugar levels are not alarming, and administration of insulin is not required as of now," it said.The report also said that the Tihar Jail Administration had written to AIIMS that Kejriwal has been consuming high-sugar food like Sweets, Laddoos, Bananas, Mangoes, Fruit Chaat, fried food, Namkeen, Bhujia, Sweetened Tea, Poori-Aloo, Pickles and other high-cholesterol foods regularly and accordingly sought a Diet Plan for Kejriwal.Delhi CM Kejriwal is in jail in a case related to an excise policy case. The Enforcement Directorate has alleged that the Aam Adami Party is the major beneficiary of the proceeds of crime generated in the alleged liquor scam. Kejriwal was arrested on March 21.