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The effects of the UK's new immigration regulations on Indian employees, students, and their dependents
Jan 04, 2024 02:24 pm

Beginning on January 1, international students will not be permitted to bring their spouses, parents, or children to the UK unless they are enrolled in postgraduate research courses or pursuing a PhD, according to new regulations regarding student visas.  With the exception of undergraduates, international students were allowed to bring spouses and kids into the UK on a dependant visa. International students enrolled in non-research courses and postgraduate programs will be impacted by the new restrictions.  According to data from the Bureau of Immigration, Indian students looking to pursue higher education abroad have shown a preference for the UK. Based on data from the Indian Foreign Ministry, there were around 55,000 Indian students studying in the UK in 2022. Data from the UK Home Office revealed that in the year ending in June 2023, 1,42,848 sponsored study visas were granted to Indians, a 54 percent increase from the year ending in June 2022. Nearly 1,54,000 of the 5,00,000 sponsored UK study-related visas that were issued in June 2023 were given to the dependents of students. The UK Home Office reports that during this period, about one-third of sponsored study visas to the UK were issued to Indian nationals.According to the new regulations, PhD candidates must also have studied for a minimum of 24 months before converting to a work visa, such as a skilled worker visa. Prior to converting to their work visas, students must also complete their coursework and secure a start date for their employment.