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Sonakshi Sinha discusses Heeramandi same-sex foreplay: ‘She absolutely hates men’
May 08, 2024 12:29 pm

Actress Sonakshi Sinha discusses the daring moment of same-sex foreplay that appears in her most recent online show, Heeramandi, which was created by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
In the film Heeramandi, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Sonakshi Sinha is receiving acclaim for her performance as Fareedan. In particular, she is being praised for her daring decision to include a sequence of same-sex foreplay. It has since been disclosed by the actor, in an interview, that Fareedan's sexuality was not purposely pushed any further. In addition, you can read an exclusive interview with Sonakshi Sinha, in which she says, "The entire set broke into standing ovation after the first take in Tilasmi Bahein."During an interview with DIVYA DELHI, Sonakshi also provided an explanation as to why Bhansali decided against going to great lengths to investigate Fareedan's sexuality in great detail.