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Samantha Ruth Prabhu responds to a fan's brand endorsement criticism: I made errors.
Jul 01, 2024 04:32 pm

Divya Delhi On her podcast, Take20, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who rose to stardom in the 2010s with her Telugu and Tamil films and then moved to Bollywood, emphasized the significance of eating well. An internet user pointed out hours after the program that Samantha had sponsored unhealthy food and beverage products prior to preaching about healthy eating.Samantha was shaken by the statement. She said, “I have made mistakes in the past when I didn't know any better, but I have stopped accepting many endorsements. I do what I preach.”Your wishes helped India win. Relive India's incredible T20 World Cup run. Click here!Read also: Samantha Ruth Prabhu claimed she wouldn't have publicized her myositis if she could.Muscle inflammation caused by myositis, a rare autoimmune diseaseSamantha, who took a six-month hiatus from work last year to concentrate on her health, says she has made health and fitness a part of her lifestyle and wants to inspire individuals in her circle to live healthily.Now that I know more, it's hard to miss things. Samantha, who was diagnosed with myositis in 2022, says her whole lifestyle is now centered on a healthy existence, from food to brands.Among the top 100 watched Indian stars of the decade: Samantha Ruth Prabhu I feel like I'm just beginning.Samantha adds that she must “do what is right” and “do more effective”. The actor, who returned to film in 2023 with Kushi with Vijay Deverakonda, says, “While my choices may seem less than ideal to most, since brands do have a commercial impact on us, I am working towards ensuring that I now align with only those brands that are equally committed to life and well-being. Before recommending things, I investigate and utilize them."