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Rohit Sharma explains why he ate soil after India's World Cup win; can't sleep.
Jul 02, 2024 01:26 pm

Divya Delhi: After India won the T20 World Cup, Rohit Sharma ate a piece of Barbados pitch. Several days later, he explained. There were two revealing images of Rohit Sharma after India won the T20 World Cup by seven runs over South Africa at the Kensington Oval in Barbados. Indeed, there were many. But these two stand out. Rohit laid on the ground and pounded the last ball of the match after Anrich Nortje slogged it to deep mid-wicket for a single. He wanted to announce that his and India's 13-year wait was over. The first world title since 2011 was theirs. They were near many times but failed on June 29, 2024.Hugs, tears, shouts, pats, and dances followed. After doing this with his teammates and support staff, Rohit quietly moved to the center of the pitch, picked a piece, and ate it. It felt so fantastic he did it again, as if the earth tasted better than Mumbai Vada Pav. A few days later, Rohit explained Novak Djokovic's legendary performance. Rohit wished to maintain part of the pitch. I felt that when I got to the pitch because it gave us this. We won on that pitch and ground. I will always remember that pitch and ground. I wanted a bit of it. Indeed, those moments are wonderful. I wanted something from the place where our hopes came true. "That was the feeling," he stated in a BCCI video posted Tuesday. Rohit stated his other festivities were spontaneous and unplanned. "Those objects aren't... Nobody scripted that, therefore I can't describe it. It was instinctual, he said.Rohit proved crucial as captain and batsman in ending India's ICC title drought. Bombay's third ICC final in 13 months ended in success. "The feeling is weird. It's still not fully ingrained. It was an amazing moment "Rohit, who became the third Indian skipper after Kapil Dev and MS Dhoni to win a World Cup, stated."From game over till now, it feels like a dream. We still believe it hasn't happened. It happened, but it feels like it didn't. That's your emotion. This has long been our dream. We worked hard as a unit for a long time, so seeing this now feels relieving. When you work hard for something and achieve it, it feels good. We had fun last night "said Rohit.  Our teammates and I had fun until early am. Again, I didn't sleep well, but that's fine. I can handle not sleeping after a day like that. I have plenty of time to sleep at home. So I'll catch up. However, this occasion was really special for us all. I want to live it. I want to live every second, minute, and instant. I want to maximize it."