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Remember Alia Bhatt’s stunning Ajrakh sari? Now this centuries-old Gujarati textile has got a GI tag
May 03, 2024 03:41 pm

Divya Delhi : Alia Bhatt's 2024 Joy Awards Ajrakh sari was gorgeous. The Rhea Kapoor-styled look highlighted this traditional Indian art technique. The Ajrakh print artistry is now officially recognized.The Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (CGPDTM) granted “Kutch Ajrakh” craftspeople a Geographical Indication (GI) certificate. The distinctive Ajrakh block printing method from Gujarat's Kutch region is honored by this marking. The talented artisans who preserve this cultural heritage are empowered by GI certification.Professor John Varghese, School of Fashion, World University of Design, says this is a crucial step toward preserving Indian textiles. “In a world of fast fashion and mass production,” he continued, “Ajrakh printing showcases slow craftsmanship and sustainable practices. Each piece is a labor of love that takes days or weeks.”Professor Varghese demonstrated the intricate 12-to-14-step technique of Ajrakh block printing. After manually carving the motif onto a block, the cloth is prepared and natural colors like indigo and madder are applied. After imprinting resist areas, the fabric is washed and dried. The garment becomes a work of art filled with the artisan's spirit and centuries of tradition.