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Reacting to supporters who passed away on his birthday, Yash pledges support for their families: "The dead cannot be brought back."
Jan 09, 2024 04:41 pm


  The deaths of three of his supporters who attempted to hang his birthday banner, Yash asked his followers to exercise caution. Yash paid their relatives a visit. Actor Yash, who gained notoriety via KGF, advised fans not to hang banners, chase bikes, or take risky pictures in the wake of his three electrocuted followers' deaths. In an interview with the media, the actor also pledged to provide financial support to the families who had seen their loved ones before they passed away. Yash commemorated becoming 38 years old. Yash told the journalists, "If you wish me wholeheartedly, from wherever you are, that is the best gesture for me," after visiting the grieving families. I'm afraid of my own birthday because of tragic events like these. This is not how fandom is displayed. "Please don't express your affection in this manner. I would like to ask of you everyone. I want all of my audience and admirers to flourish in life as much as I do, so please don't hang banners, chase bikes, or take risky pictures. If you really are one of my fans, then work hard at what you do, put yourself first in all you do, and you will succeed and be happy. Your family depend on you the most, so you should strive to make them proud." On the occasion of Yash's 38th birthday in Surangi, Karnataka, three of his supporters were electrocuted while hanging birthday banners. The names of the deceased are Hanamanta Harijan (age 21), Murali Nadavinamani (age 20), and Naveen Ghazi (19). Three further people suffered severe injuries and were treated after being brought to Lakshmeshwar Hospital.