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Ranbir Kapoor acknowledges on The Great Indian Kapil Show that he gave his girlfriends his mother Neetu Kapoor's jewelry.
Mar 27, 2024 04:39 pm

 The first guests on The Great Indian Kapil Show were Ranbir Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, and Riddhima Kapoor Sahni. Celebrity guests are frequently invited to Kapil Sharma's stand-up comedy and chat shows. Since becoming well-known for his humorous one-liners and comedic sketches, the comedian who later became an actor has remained acquainted with a number of Bollywood actors. The Great Indian Kapil Show, which Ranbir Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, and Riddhima Kapoor Sahni will be hosting, will premiere soon. In the Netflix series that hasn't yet aired, the three made a lot of open admissions. (Also read: Sunil Grover teases "turbulence" with the host in the teaser for The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show. Observe) Ranbir, Neetu, and Riddhima are shown having fun with the rest of the gang, which also includes Kapil, Sunil Grover, Kiku Sharda, and Krushna Abhishek, in a recently released promo. Everyone dances before the conversation begins as Ranbir, his mother, and sister cut the ribbon to launch the first episode. The Animal actor responded to Kapil's question about whether or not he gave Riddhima's garment to his girlfriend by acknowledging that he had also given his mother's jewelry as a gift. Furthermore, Riddhima says, "Our generation has had the most fun." Sunil, who has returned as Gutthi, reminded Neetu of how, in a previous episode, she had offered her bangles as a token of acceptance to her daughter-in-law. Gutthi volunteered to give Neetu her phone and return the bangles. The former disclosed that she had sold the bangles to pay for a smartphone when Kapil interrupted. During a humorous scene, Kapil and Ginni Chatrath engaged in a charming conversation. When Kapil hears that Ranbir wants to invite Raha to his show, he responds that he took care of the older child while Ginni was carrying their second child. The second one questioned, "Who is responsible for it?" Kapil remarked, "Take the mic away from her," seeming embarrassed. The Great Indian Kapil Show will debut at 9 p.m. on Netflix on March 30, 2024.