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Praveen Khandelwal had a special meeting with media friends
May 29, 2024 06:21 pm

Divya Delhi: BJP's Lok Sabha candidate from Chandni Chowk, Mr. Praveen Khandelwal held a special meeting with media friends at the Constitution Club of Delhi today and thanked them for their support in his election campaign. Mr. Khandelwal's personal relations with print and electronic journalists of various media houses are decades old and from time to time Mr. Khandelwal has wholeheartedly accepted their contribution in his life and has also expressed gratitude. While talking to journalists, Mr. Khandelwal said that BJP's victory from Chandni Chowk is certain with record votes. He said that we are winning the elections with a huge margin because of the unwavering trust of the people towards Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and the tireless hard work and dedication of thousands of BJP workers. While talking to his old media friends, he appreciated everyone's support and thanked them and said that BJP's victory is certain on all seven seats of Delhi and the people of the country have exercised their right to form a BJP government at the center for the third time under the leadership of PM Modi and this time no one can stop us from crossing 400. He told all his media friends that even after winning the election, the doors of his heart and house will always remain open for everyone as before and Mr. Khandelwal will always stand by him in his every happiness and sorrow.