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PM Modi's harsh statements after calling BJP candidate against TMC's Mahua Moitra
Mar 27, 2024 04:17 pm

Narendra Modi informed Amrita Roy he was striving to return Bengali poor's ED-seized money. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi contacted Amrita Roy, a Bharatiya Janata Party candidate in Krishnanagar Lok Sabha constituency, to explain his efforts to return nearly ₹3,000 crore allegedly taken from West Bengal's poor by the Enforcement Directorate.Modi told Amrita Roy over the phone that opposition parties prioritize power over country. PM Modi told 'Rajmata' Amrita Roy that he is examining legal avenues to return plundered money to the poor through the corrupt's assets and money, a BJP source said. Modi estimated that ₹3,000 crore was given by state residents as bribes for job opportunities, according to BJP discussion data. PTI said that Modi told Amrita Roy to notify people about his views and that he would find a way, including legal means, to do so after returning to power. Modi criticized the Congress for supporting Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal after his detention by the Enforcement Directorate in a corruption case. “This shows that their priority is not country but power,” the PM said, adding that the BJP-led alliance is battling for a corruption-free country for the youth's bright future while the corrupt have united to defend each other. Modi further criticized individuals who accused the former queen of supporting the British after the BJP nominated her. Amrita Roy told Modi that her family is considered traitors and that Krishnachandra Roy helped people and saved “Sanatan Dharma” alongside other kings.Modi told her not to take any pressure, saying TMC practices vote bank politics and will make false claims. He stated they cover their sins. Modi said they seek proof of Lord Ram's existence while defaming others with two- and three-century-old occurrences. "This is their double standards," Modi added, applauding the king's social reforms and progress and urged her to continue it. He requested Amrita Roy to prepare her constituency's first 100-day agenda, confident of her win. He also believed West Bengal would vote for "Parivartan" (transformation). The ED summoned Mahua Moitra again on Thursday, March 28, to join the probe into a foreign exchange violation case. The state's BJP won 18 of 42 Lok Sabha seats in 2019, a rise in its fortunes, and it hopes to win more this time.