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Only Mahesh Mark Is Featured in Guntur Kaaram Promotional Content—Not Trivikram Mark 
Jan 09, 2024 04:15 pm

It is safe to say that every piece of content that Guntur Kaaram has released thus far has a strong Mahesh Babu influence and is emblazoned with the Superstar Mark. In the teaser, Mahesh appeared as an animated character who was brimming with style and mass. It was undoubtedly a feast for the public and fans alike.
It has also been a little disheartening for those who were hoping Trivikram would have an impact on this movie. They seem to have to wait a little while longer for Trivikram's music, emotions, and dialogues. Given the poignant nature of Guntur Kaaram and the fact that none of the songs have been released yet, there's a potential Trivikram will make an appearance. The film focuses a lot on family dynamics, but nothing is disclosed because the creators want it to remain a surprise. However, keeping things a secret will have an effect, particularly on those who were anticipating the Trivikram-Mahesh pairing for over ten years. The eagerly expected pre-release event takes place in Guntur today. With only a few days left before the release, the team needs to put out some new content and conduct interviews and promotional videos. According to Trivikram and associates, the film's emotional depth is a topic that needs to be addressed with the audience. For movie buffs, Mahesh's extensive makeover, timing, enthusiasm, and on-screen persona are all fantastic news, but it's about time that the Trivikram brand is also showcased through promotional material.