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Om Birla vs. K Suresh: Rare Lok Sabha Speaker Election Today: 10 Points
Jun 26, 2024 01:25 pm

Divya Delhi A revived Opposition will challenge the NDA nominee for Speaker today, a rare Lok Sabha election. The government, which has an advantage, is boosting its numbers to win. The BJP's three-time Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Congress's eight-term MP K Suresh are running. Mr. Birla was chosen by the BJP to promote continuity. Taking into account MPs present and voting, the Speaker is elected by a simple majority. The NDA has 293 MPs and the Opposition 232. It also relies on YSR's four MPs. Congress The Congress nominated K Suresh 10 minutes before the 12:00 deadline on Tuesday, setting the stage for the election.The BJP rejection of its Pro Tem Speaker and Deputy Speaker bids prompted its decision. The party expected Mr Suresh, Lok Sabha's seniormost MP, to become Pro Tem Speaker, but Bhartruhari Mahtab won.While seeking consensus for Om Birla on Tuesday morning, the government made it clear that they are not considering a Deputy Speaker seat or the Opposition's claim to it.Rahul Gandhi, Congress, said, "Rajnath Singh called Mallikarjun Kharge to ask for assistance. The Opposition said we would, but normally the Deputy Speaker is from our side. Rajnath Singh promised to call back but hasn't. PM wants cooperation but our leader is humiliated."Tuesday night saw simultaneous camp meetings. The Opposition Bloc gathered at Congress head Mallikarjun Kharge's house while Amit Shah visited NDA allies.Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress opposed forcing a contest. The party changed its mind later in the day after openly protesting it was not consulted. It currently backs K Suresh. Union minister Kiren Rijiju has called for a consensus candidate last. Over the past two days, we have spoken to main Opposition party floor leaders about Speaker. He stated we want the Speaker chosen unopposed and by consensus.