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Nagarjuna gives a hug to a fan who was shoved by a bodyguard at the airport because he is disabled. "Not your fault."
Jun 26, 2024 05:52 pm

Divya Delhi Recently, Nagarjuna made headlines for all the wrong reasons when his security in Bombay shoved a fan with a disability aside with a bit too much enthusiasm. He first met the fan at the airport, hugged him, and apologized for the incident on X (previously Twitter). They then had a conversation about it. (See Also: Nagarjuna issues an apology after bodyguard shoves a fan with a disability, saying, "This shouldn't have happened.")A paparazzi photographer posted a video of Nagarjuna posing for pictures with admirers at the Mumbai airport. The photographers emphasized that it was not his fault and pointed out that this was the man his photographer had shoved when he posed for a picture with a fan. Nagarjuna spoke with the fan once more after taking pictures with other fans. "It's not your fault, humari galti thi (it was our fault)," he told him, giving him a hug before going inside.Recently, social media users saw a video posted by paparazzi photographer Viral Bhayani asking, "Where has humanity gone?" In the footage, Nagarjuna is seen moving through the airport while admirers are prevented from reaching him by his bodyguards. One supporter was pushed aside so quickly that he nearly stumbled and collapsed. In a letter dated "This just came to my notice...this shouldn't have happened!!" Nagarjuna asserted that he was not present when the incident occurred. I'm sorry to the man and promise to take the appropriate safety measures to ensure that it doesn't happen again!