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MP Khandelwal Breaks Pots and Burns Kejriwal Effigy in Model Town Over Delhi Water Crisis
Jun 17, 2024 01:04 pm

Divya Delhi: Under the leadership of BJP MP Shri Praveen Khandelwal, the Delhi BJP held a major protest at Lal Bagh in the Model Town constituency against the severe water crisis and corruption in the Kejriwal government. More than 500 BJP workers participated, demanding that the Kejriwal government break its ties with the tanker mafia and provide water to the people of Delhi, which is their right. During the protest, MP Khandelwal and BJP workers expressed their anger by breaking pots and burning an effigy of Kejriwal, strongly demanding an immediate solution to the water problem. Directly attacking the Kejriwal government, Shri Khandelwal labeled it as extremely incompetent and ineffective. He stated that the water crisis in Delhi is not new. Every summer, Delhiites face this crisis, but the Kejriwal government has not taken a single step towards finding a permanent solution, which clearly shows the government's inefficiency and lack of interest in solving the water problem, instead resorting to false accusations to cover up their failing politics. Speaking at the protest, Shri Khandelwal expressed regret that more than half of Delhi is facing a water crisis. He criticized Delhi's Water Minister, Smt. Atishi, for focusing on blame games and issuing baseless statistics instead of fixing pipeline leaks and stopping water theft by the tanker mafia, thereby misleading Delhi residents and covering up the government's incompetence. He stated that due to her failure in this matter, Minister Atishi should resign. Khandelwal remarked that the Delhi government is highly irresponsible. He pointed out that leaks and water theft account for 54% of water loss in the city, a problem the government has made no effort to address. If this issue were resolved, Delhi could have adequate water supply even with the current production of 939 MGD. MP Khandelwal highlighted that in reality, water theft and leak-related losses have increased from 54% to 75% during normal days, as theft by the tanker mafia has doubled. He noted that Delhi receives almost the full amount of raw water from Haryana and Uttarakhand, and even Delhi's Water Minister, Ms. Atishi, recently acknowledged that the reduction in drinking water production is only between 0.5% and 7%. Despite this minor reduction, the people of Delhi are being deprived of their right to water.