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Mate, kem cho! As the first foreign institution to open a campus in India, Deakin institution in Australia visits Gujarat. 
Jan 11, 2024 03:35 pm

The first international university to establish a campus in India is Deakin University in Australia. Australia's Philip Green, the High Commissioner to India, officially opened the GIFT City campus in the Gandhinagar area of Gujarat. "It fills me with great pride that Deakin University in GIFT City, Australia, is the first university in the world to open a campus in India. This is just the start of a new chapter in the educational relationship between Australia and India, according to a statement from Green.The University Grants Commission (UGC) published guidelines two months ago that allow international universities to establish and run campuses in India. This was in keeping with the 2020 National Education Policy (NEP) recommendations. Deakin University is a public university in Victoria, Australia, that was established in 1974. Indian students will be able to enroll in Master of Business Analytics and Master of Cybersecurity (Professional) programs at its new branch campus in Gujarat beginning in July of this year. Later this year, the Australian government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, intends to open the second overseas campus in India. The University of Wollongong, a different public university founded in Wollongong, New South Wales, in 1961, will have a branch of this institution. The launch of Deakin University's campus in Gujarat is evidence of the quality of education in Australia, the progressive educational policies of India, and the cordial and strong ties that exist between our two countries. We anticipate celebrating the University of Wollongong's, an Australian institution, opening its second overseas branch campus in India in GIFT City later in 2024," the Australian High Commission said. In Australian universities, more than 1.22 lakh Indian students joined last year. According to Australian government data for 2022–2023, compared to the previous academic year, the number of overseas students studying in Australia on a second or subsequent student visa increased by 30% to exceed 1.5 lakh.With investments in all facets of higher education, Deakin University has had an impressive 30-year presence in India. These include research partnerships with India Institutes of Technology, the establishment of a joint center focused on sustainability and nanotechnology with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), and the National Skill Development Corporation's Global Job Readiness program, which trains the next generation of Indian workers. According to Green, the campus is the next phase in Deakin University's long-term plan to invest in India's future. Australian immigration policy changed in December of last year, but it won't have an impact on Indian students studying there. This is because post-study graduate visas for Indian students were negotiated in the India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA), which was signed in 2022. These visas will remain safeguarded in spite of the new migration regulations. Having said that, these new immigration regulations impose more stringent limitations, such as a more stringent English language exam, on foreign students pursuing higher education in Australia. However, visa applications for migrants making $135,000 or more per year will be processed more quickly.