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 Mannara Chopra refuses a cash gift from Priyanka Chopra, prefers clothing; says, 'Now I am waiting, ki kapde ayenge'
Feb 01, 2024 04:32 pm

Mannara Chopra, who secured the second runner-up position in Bigg Boss 17, recently opened up about a heartfelt conversation with her cousin Priyanka Chopra and brother-in-law Nick Jonas after the show's finale. Despite narrowly missing the coveted trophy, Mannara expressed her gratitude to Priyanka for her unwavering support throughout her Bigg Boss journey.In a candid interaction with the paparazzi outside a restaurant, Mannara shared insights from her two-hour conversation with Priyanka and Nick. Priyanka, aware of Mannara's journey within the Bigg Boss house, advised her to focus on her well-being and praised her for not playing the game in the family's name. Mannara recounted, "She said, 'I am so proud of you, ke tuney family ke naam pe game nahi khela. Tuney bola mere baarein mein baat karo." The actress further revealed that Priyanka and Nick offered to send her a cash gift, to which Mannara responded with a preference for dresses and clothing for upcoming interviews and events. Mannara conveyed, "Then she said, 'Promise, hum kapde bhejenge. Now I am waiting; ki kapde ayenge, and I'll rock!" Having returned to the limelight after her stint on the reality show, Mannara expressed to News18 her joy over Priyanka's support. She emphasised her intention to personally thank Priyanka, stating, "As soon as I sit in the car, I will message her. And if she's free, I'll talk to her, and I will thank her." Mannara Chopra's journey may not have culminated in winning the Bigg Boss trophy, but the love and encouragement from her celebrity cousin, Priyanka Chopra, are undeniably cherished.