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London Mohali, a new song by singer Gulshan Suman, was released in Thailand.
May 18, 2024 01:59 pm

Divya Delhi: Performer Gulshan Suman debuted London Mohali, his new song, at Thailand's Signature Hotel. Everyone in attendance thought London Mohali, his new song, was fantastic. Fern Event was in charge of planning this event. The primary major roles in this song are played by actors Fathjeet and actress Amira. Gold E Gill wrote the song's lyrics and melody, while Preetpal Singh directed the video, which was created by Famous Films. The song is called London Mohali. On this occasion, everyone in attendance wished Gulshan Suman luck with his new song, London Mohali. London Mohali is one of the most popular songs in the nation and around the world. On YouTube, the song London Mohali has received over a million views.