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Khandelwal Met with Municipal Commissioner and Senior Officials Today
Jun 13, 2024 05:56 pm

Divya Delhi: Chand Chowk In order to address the wishes and expectations of his constituents, BJP MP Praveen Khandelwal met with Delhi Municipal Corporation Commissioner Gyanesh Bharti and 20 senior municipal officials today. Detailed Delhi Municipal Corporation issues in his constituency were reviewed and solutions suggested. The conference also included 17 Lok Sabha BJP municipal councilors. Mr. Khandelwal said the meeting with top municipal authorities was successful, where all municipal councilors highlighted people's grievances. Encroachment on roads and footpaths, severe parking shortages, the need for community buildings, the construction of baraat ghars in slums and JJ colonies, maintenance and beautification of municipal parks, creation of walking tracks in parks, activation of existing water connections in parks and installation of new connections, construction of new roads and repair of old roads were key issues. Discussions also covered the construction of a Chhath Ghat, lowering community center rents to make them affordable, the growing problem of stray animals and dogs, the formation of a special police force for municipal tasks in consultation with the government, market cleanliness, park lighting, park maintenance staff, and permanent dispensaries Mr. Khandelwal suggested mapping the municipal corporation's facilities in his Lok Sabha seat. He also stressed that the Town Vending Committee should clearly designate vending and non-vending zones and that suitable sports facilities are needed to promote sports.