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Kejriwal's politics lack integrity: Tejashwi Surya
May 12, 2024 05:52 pm

Divya Delhi: Shri Tejashwi Surya, National President of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, held a massive road show from the historic Shiv Temple in Kewal Park of Azadpur on Sunday to support BJP candidate from Chandni Chowk Shri Praveen Khandelwal. Many youth participated. Young people love him, and as he arrived at Chandni Chowk, their enthusiasm peaked. Tejasvi Arya told the large crowd of youth and supporters, "The youth of the country understands Prime Minister Narendra Modi's development politics and knows that unity and progress are possible only through Modi ji, so they stand with BJP with full enthusiasm." Tejashwi called Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal a dishonest U-turn politician without credibility. He already proved his Delhi boasts of good schools, mohalla healthcare, and clean politics. AAP has lost all credibility in Delhi. On May 25th, Chandni Chowk people must vote in big numbers for Shri Praveen Khandelwal, who has long served traders and the retail industry. Shri Khandelwal stated that "Modi ji's leadership is accelerating the country's development, and the people now understands the opposition's desire to split it by area, caste, religion, and economy. Without a leader, policy, and leadership, the Congress Party has collapsed, and we are confident that Modi ji will create a BJP administration at the Centre again.Tejaswi Surya was congratulated for attending the massive road event. This road show was a success; families and youth participated in huge numbers, and the convoy was greeted with flower garlands from their houses and markets. Shri Khandelwal reached his home polling booth Kuncha Pati Ram, market Sita Ram with BJP workers to distribute voter slips from door to door. He grew up in these streets and every family here has domestic relations with him, so this journey was special and close to his heart.