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Katrina Kaif believes Bollywood's excessive beauty standards are 'intimidated'
Mar 14, 2024 12:59 pm

"Katrina Kaif describes how Vicky Kaushal tackles her appearance concerns. She mentions meeting 'a specific standard of attractiveness'. Katrina Kaif has discussed her appearance pressure. Katrina, 40, told Hello! India that since joining cinema with 2003's Boom, she's faced unrealistic and persistent beauty standards. She also talked about how she worries about her appearance before events and what actor-husband Vicky Kaushal says. Katrina Kaif's childhood photo is Vicky Kaushal's phone wallpaper. Katrina Kaif remarked, “I have often experienced the pressures of a certain beauty standard and the pressures to conform. That often stifles and intimidates me. I'll fuss before leaving the house for an occasion. I'll see anything I don't like and want to fix it, whether it's hair or a costume. My spouse will quip, "Aren't you the person who says 'It's Kay to Be You' (Kay Beauty's tagline)?" It can be really, really challenging to retain and maintain your sense of identity and know who you are, not who you are in contrast to what everyone else is doing or saying around you, said Katrina, who was last seen in Merry Christmas. Self-confidence, clarity of mind, dedication, and taking time to comprehend our own thoughts, ambitions, and goals are crucial for all of us, and I attempt to follow them. I’m still figuring this out.”The actress turned her beauty love into a company in 2019. Kay Beauty makes products for all ages and skin types. According to's 2023 forecast, Kay Beauty is one of the most popular online beauty brands and earns $12 million annually.