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Karnataka Lok Sabha Elections: Why PM Modi Picked Kalaburagi, Shimoga to Start Campaign.
Mar 16, 2024 12:38 pm

Narendra Modi, who is campaigning in Karnataka's Kalaburagi and Shimoga for the Lok Sabha elections, is giving two messages to scheduled castes and Lingayats, BJP allies. Congress national president Mallikarjun Kharge, who is not running, hails from Kalaburagi, or Gulbarga, a reserved seat. However, the prime minister intends to send a message by attacking Kharge's garden. Kharge won this seat in 2009 and 2014, but Umesh Jadhav of the BJP won by over 95,000 votes in 2019. The Congress hopes to gain over 10 seats in the general elections after earning a landslide victory in Karnataka in 2023. In 2019, DK Suresh won the Bengaluru rural Lok Sabha seat for the party. Modi would likely criticize Kharge and his party's SC commitment in Kalaburagi. This part of Hyderabad, Karnataka, has always been a stronghold of the grand old party, yet many SCs there are Madigas, the left faction. Kharge's right faction, the Holeyas, is outnumbered by the Madigas. Madigas are more backward than Holeyas socially, economically, and educationally. According to political analyst A Narayana, the PM's visit will show constituents and cadre in northern Karnataka, particularly Kalaburagi, that the BJP is "very serious about elections" after its terrible result in the 2023 election. PM Modi will honor former CM BS Yediyurappa in Shimoga on March 18 for building the Lingayat social foundation to become a mass leader. His campaign in this Lok Sabha constituency will demonstrate the BJP's support for Yediyurappa's supremacy.Political veteran BSY single-handedly carried the BJP to power in the state in 2008. He also assured the saffron party won 25 of 28 Lok Sabha seats in 2019. Yediyurappa's older son BY Raghavendra was renominated for a fourth time. Shimoga is in Old Mysore, unlike Kalaburagi in northern Karnataka. Lingayats, who support the BJP, dominate this southern region.Mallikarjun Kharge and his minister son Priyank Kharge's stronghold, Gulbarga, saw a weak BJP election. Despite last-minute efforts to win Dalits in this Dalit heartland, the BJP has struggled. The Gulbarga battle is between Lingayats and Dalit OBCs. This could be another reason Modi chose this seat to launch his campaign "Narayana remarked.During campaigning in Shimoga, the political analyst claimed the BJP and Modi are telling party members that southern Karnataka is their stronghold and that they must work together to safeguard it in a high-octane election. "Modi wants the party to also cultivate fresh ground in the Hyderabad Karnataka region and acknowledge the support that the BJP has enjoyed," stated. The state BJP wants Modi to convey a clear message to party officials disgruntled with ticket distribution during his Shimoga visit. They want his visit and probable meeting with senior party leader KS Eshwarappa to show that the party supports them and will wait for their chance.After being refused a ticket for his son Kanthesh, Eshwarappa is considering running him as an independent from Shimoga. He wanted the Haveri Lok Sabha seat, but the BJP high command granted it to former CM Basavaraj Bommai. He said Modi wants to show voters that he is in the Congress chief's backyard and that the BJP loves the south. We all observed how PM Modi was campaigned across Karnataka during the assembly poll like a municipality election, but the BJP took severe losses. He said Modi's confidence is low, hence he took this measure. Karnataka BJP spokesperson Capt Ganesh Karnik said Modi may not go as much as in the assembly poll because it is a national election.Renewing the cadre from north to south is the goal. He said this visit will bring the party cadre into election mindset and cover two key regions. The BJP stated Modi's Kalaburagi and Shimoga speeches will send powerful messages to the opposition, especially in light of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.