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International Mother Language Day
Feb 19, 2024 12:50 pm

Divya Delhi: Our mother tongue is an essential component of who we are as people. Since each person may be recognized by his or her mother tongue, we must preserve it in order to preserve our legacy. At Guru Nanak Public School, Rajouri Garden, Sunakhi Punjaban, the pride of Delhi and the pride of Punjabis, celebrated International Mother Language Day. Dr. Avneet Kaur Bhatia has been honoring this wonderful work for the past seven years. Short plays and poems in Punjabi were given by Sunkhi Punjaban, a forum devoted to Punjabi culture. Poets Jaswant Singh Sekhwan and Inderjit Kaur ji sang lines and poems commemorating the mother tongue in honor of International Mother Language Day. According to Dr. Avneet Kaur Bhatia, it is every Punjabi's responsibility to support their mother tongue. Let's hope that the aspiration of Punjabi development would resonate with people in the 21st century and materialize as a reality. The artistic abilities of Sunnakhi Punjabans showcased a drama that beautifully explained both the farmers' struggle and the native tongue Punjabi. Punjabi used to be widely spoken not only in India but also in other nations, but regrettably, Punjabi is no longer uniquely Punjabi. There were also folk music from Punjab performed to enhance the beauty of the show. The goal of International Mother Language Day was to speak, read, and write in Punjabi. Participating in this program were about 60 to 70 Punjabi language speakers, who helped to make it a success. Most of all, each scholar used exquisite language, poetry, and speech in their native Punjabi to convey their ideas through their individual lenses.