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Indian IT hiring falls 21% in December. 
Jan 09, 2024 06:06 pm

A Tuesday report said month in 2022, showing similar trends to most of the second half of last year.Naukri JobSpeak Index found solid hiring for full stack data scientists, IT infrastructure engineers, and automation engineers amid a cautious IT employment market.
In December, BPO, education, retail, and healthcare saw job offers drop by 17%, 11%, 11%, and 10%, respectively, compared to 2022. December job growth was strongest in hospitality and pharma.New Al job offers increased 5% in the last month compared to 2022.
"We observe marginal sequential growth of 2% in December hiring activity compared to November, driven by non-IT sectors," said CBO Dr. Pawan Goyal.
However, the IT sector continues to be heavily hit, lowering the total index compared to last year and delaying IT hiring recovery "said.The hotel sector added 4% more jobs than in December 2022.This sector has the most job growth in Mumbai and Delhi-NCR. Senior experts with over 16 years of experience were the most sought-after hires.
The pharmaceutical industry hired 2% more. The report noted a greater focus on R&D in the Pharma sector has contributed to growth and placements.Non-metros outperformed metros. The survey said Vadodara had a 3% increase in employment offers last month compared to 2022.