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Horrifying Details of UP Barber's Home Murder of Two Children
Mar 20, 2024 01:15 pm

In a double murder case in Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, horrifying details have surfaced. According to the allegations, a man entered a neighbor's house, demanded money, and killed two children. According to authorities, Sajid, the alleged killer, knew the victims' father Vinod and owned a barbershop across from their home. Sajid went to their residence in the evening, purportedly to borrow ₹ 5,000, but Vinod wasn't there. Vinod allegedly attacked his wife's three children when she went to make tea. Police report that once Sajid was apprehended, he opened fire on them and was killed in the ensuing altercation. Residents of the city became agitated after the double killings and set fire to the barbershop. Occult rumors pertaining to the killings have been refuted by the authorities. Senior police officer Alok Priyadarshani stated that social media is being watched by authorities in an effort to stop the spread of rumors.The family claims that Sajid informed Vinod's wife Sangeeta that his pregnant wife was in the hospital and that he would require ₹ 5,000 to cover her medical expenses. When Sangeeta phoned her husband Vinod, he allegedly told her to give him the money. "After I gave him the cash, he informed me that his wife was due at 11 p.m. He expressed his anxiety, and I reassured him not to worry. Sajid allegedly requested her oldest son, 11-year-old Aayush, to show him his mother's beauty parlor upstairs after she gave him the tea. He was shown to the first level by the boy, and then to the second. Sajid allegedly turned out the lights on the second floor and used a knife to attack Aayush. It was purportedly while Sajid was cutting Aayush's throat that his younger brother Ahaan, six, entered the room. Ahaan was allegedly killed in a similar way by Sajid grabbing him. He then attacked Piyush, their other brother, but the seven-year-old was able to flee and hide, according to the police. While Piyush only sustained minor wounds, Aayush and Ahaan passed away.The sibling Javed, who was waiting outside on a bike, was with Sajid as they escaped, the family told the police. The family has claimed that Sajid and Javed were both complicit in the crime. According to the police, an inspector was shot and is now admitted to the hospital. Javed remains absent. A formal complaint has been filed regarding the two brothers. The motivation for the killings, according to the authorities, has not been proven. Vinod, though, has refuted any disagreement. "I wasn't at odds with him. He came to the house when I was away for work. One of my sons managed to get away from him and alert his mother.