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Hina Khan: "Will Overcome This Challenge" Breast cancer diagnosis for actor
Jun 28, 2024 04:03 pm

Hina Khan, a TV celebrity, disclosed she is treating stage three breast cancer. Ms. Khan, 36, wrote a long letter on Instagram saying she's "determined and truly committed to overcoming this disease." Hina Khan said, "Greetings, In response to recent rumors, I want to share some vital news with Hinaholics and my loved ones. I have Stage 3 breast cancer. Please know that I am doing well despite this difficult diagnosis. I am strong, dedicated, and devoted to beating this sickness. I've started therapy and will do whatever it takes to become stronger."The actress wrote, "Please respect and provide privacy at this time. I treasure your love, strength, and blessings. Your stories, advice, and encouragement would mean the world to me on this path. Along with my family and friends, I stay focused and cheerful. We think I will conquer this difficulty and be well by God's help. Send prayers, blessings, and love. Love, Hina."