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Following its release, the Haryanvi song "Bhunde Baraati" is making waves.
Jan 10, 2024 12:24 pm

Since its release, the Haryanvi song Bhunde Barati has gained a lot of popularity. This tune makes me think of vintage films; families enjoy listening to it together. Black and White, a Haryanvi company, published the song Bhunde Barati on the ninth. The press conference was attended by the full song team. The preview for this song was much anticipated by the crowd. Nonu Rana and Harjeet Deewana sing it. Author of the song is Amit Faridpuria. The song features the acting of Khushi Baliyan and Puneet Choudhary. Manjeet Singh Nain and Venus Bandhu are the producers that made the most contribution to the song's creation.