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Dr. Sai Sanskrithi's Innovative Teaching Method Changes Higher Education.
Feb 27, 2024 06:15 pm

Divya Delhi: Innovation drives education growth. Dr. Sai Sanskrithi pioneered revolutionary teaching methods that are changing education. Dr. Sai Sanskrithi's teaching style is unconventional. emphasising student-centered learning, experiential education, and technology-enhanced education. She wants to teach her kids critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability. Sanskrithi's teaching philosophy prioritises student empowerment. Dr. Sai Sanskrithi makes learning interesting and gives students ownership over their learning by tailoring her lessons to their needs and interests. Sanskrithi immerses pupils in collaborative projects, conversations, and activities to foster inquiry. Additionally, Sanskrithi uses technology to educate. She uses multimedia, interactive platforms, and digital simulations to give her pupils dynamic learning experiences outside of traditional classrooms. Sanskrithi educates her students for the digital age and improves education accessibility and inclusion by smoothly integrating technology into her courses. Sanskrithi emphasizes real-world application in her lectures. She teaches her pupils how information may be utilized outside of academia by connecting theoretical concepts to real-world situations. Sanskrithi urges her students to apply their lessons to the world. Dr. Sai Sanskrithi exemplifies working quietly but hard to achieve goals. She is passionate, committed, and persistent in all aspects of her career, especially as an educator. Dr. Sanskrithi sees teaching as a calling to inspire and shape millions of minds in India and abroad. Sanskrithi began teaching MBA students and providing life counseling at a young age. Her teaching philosophy is to innovate and engage and educate her students. She cleverly integrates technology with traditional teaching methods, acknowledging the prevalence of screens in student life. Dr. Sanskrithi seamlessly integrates popular cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse, games like Candy Crush and Temple Run, cinematic narratives from movies like "Chak De India" and "Lagaan" and musical hits like "Kolaveri Di, BTS and many others that are trending with the youth" to explain subjects. master's-level management. Her classes are interesting and educational. Creating an enjoyable learning environment. Dr. Sanskrithi's teaching style is distinguished by her enthusiasm, devotion, and dedication, not merely her originality. Inspired by Robin Sharma, Gaur Gopal Das, Sudha Murthy, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam sir, and her spiritual Guru and God Shirdi Sai Baba, she teaches her students faith (Shraddha) and patience (Saburi), which she believes are essential for success and happiness. Dr. Sai Sanskrithi practises reiki, social work, and works with diverse religions. She substantially empowers women in society. Her students are also encouraged to undertake social work to make the world more empathetic. Dr. Sai Sanskrithi is also connecting spirituality to her disciplines to teach her students life lessons. She thinks adolescents and corporate workers need spirituality to be balanced and grounded in today's competitive society. Dr. Sai Sanskrithi is more than an instructor. She's a TEDx speaker, author, and lecturer from Bangalore with extensive experience and awards. She has received many honors for her work in higher education, including the Naari Astitva Award and the SavithriBai Phule Samman and Pride of India award. She got IWHM, Education Icon, and Rising Excellence Awards recently. Dr. Sai Sanskrithi wants her work to be noticed by the Prime Minister and President of India. Her dream is to be invited to Delhi to be honored and discuss higher education reform with the Prime Minister and President. Dr. Sanskrithi's creative education method is well-known. Her influence goes beyond the classroom, motivating other higher education professionals to reconsider their teaching methods and welcome innovation. Innovative education is needed in a fast-changing world. Dr. Sai Sanskrithi's pioneering attitude and passion to reinventing education inspire future learning. Dr. Sanskrithi reminds us that learning is a discovery as she pushes standard teaching. innovation and endless possibilities