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Director of 'Barzakh' Defends Fawad Khan's Casting in Indian Film, Questions Critics
Jul 04, 2024 02:44 pm

 Divya  Delhi : A critic suggested Fawad Khan should prioritize his local industry. Asim Abbasi countered, implying that without embracing broader opportunities, standout films like "Cake" would not have come to fruition. Pakistani actor Fawad Khan is set to appear in Asim Abbasi's upcoming film "Barzakh" and is reportedly making a return to Bollywood with director Aarti Bagdi's project. As criticism surfaced from a Pakistani Twitter user regarding Khan's decision to star in a Bollywood film, Asim Abbasi has stepped forward to defend the actor's choices. On X platform, a user commented, "Btw. Fawad Khan doesn't 'need' offers from Pakistan, he HAS offers from Pakistan. Tons of them. He has refused most of them. Mainstream, massive projects with A list writers and actors and directors. But he's choosing to work with Vaani Kapoor in a random Bollywood film." In response to the tweet, Asim Abbasi stated, "While I appreciate this isn’t my battle, I am genuinely interested in understanding the issue here. As individuals, we have the freedom to make career choices based on our personal fulfillment. Who has the authority to judge whom we choose to collaborate with or where? Offers are also subjective—our preferences differ. Despite interest from certain quarters, I personally lack interest in that type of content—it doesn’t align with my style or aesthetic. There’s no universally accepted 'A-List.' We operate in a diverse industry that…"