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Delhi Chief Minister in Tihar jail: ED and Arvind Kejriwal's statements
Apr 02, 2024 11:39 am

In relation to the alcohol policy, a Delhi court has committed Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to Tihar Jail till April 15. He was deemed to be "non-cooperative" by the Enforcement Directorate, and they recommended putting him in court detention. There has been a lot of discussion since Kejriwal was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate. Political tensions are rising ahead of the 2018 Lok Sabha elections, as seen by Kejriwal's wife accusing him of having a political grudge and the BJP demanding his resignation. The accused is remanded to judicial custody until April 15 in order to conduct an inquiry into the arrestee's role in the investigation to uncover other proceeds of crime and identify any other persons who may be connected to or participated in the incident. Due to his considerable power, Kejriwal is likely to sway the testimony of the witnesses and tamper with the evidence if it is made public, which could jeopardize the current inquiry. Co-accused Vijay Nair reported to AAP ministers Atishi and Saurabh Bharadwaj, not Kejriwal, he informed investigators. The arrestee has not responded to inquiries about the veracity of the digital evidence that was shown to him. In addition, the arrestee withheld the passwords from his electronic devices, obstructing the gathering of evidence and demonstrating his lack of cooperation. It is obvious that without the support and endorsement of the party chief, a top official such as Vijay Nair, who collaborated closely with the arrested individual, would not be able to make his voice heard. This is also due to the fact that the AAP benefited ultimately from these plots and meetings during the Goa election campaign. Anything that Prime Minister Narendra Modi does is detrimental to the nation. After 11 days of questioning, the investigation is over. He has not been found guilty by the court. Why was he placed in custody? The BJP's sole goal is to imprison him before the Lok Sabha elections. The people of this country will respond to this despotism. Kejriwal ought to step down right away if he still harbors any political dignity or cares about his public service.