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Chandni Chowk MP Khandelwal Commences Conversations by Sitting on the Footpath
Jun 11, 2024 02:09 pm

Divya Delhi: Mr. Praveen Khandelwal, BJP MP from Chandni Chowk, held a Jan Chaupal on the footpath at the historic Town Hall, Ghantaghar, Chandni Chowk, to initiate a new form of public service to directly communicate with his constituents and address their daily issues. The Chaupal was attended by many BJP workers and senior Delhi Municipal Corporation and government officials. Locals reported their issues to officials, who began fixing them promptly. During the last Lok Sabha elections, Mr. Khandelwal promised to sit on the footpath at several sites in the area and communicate with the people. Mr. Khandelwal held the inaugural Jan Chaupal today to fulfill his commitment. This is the first scheme in the country where an MP sits on the sidewalk to address problems. He aims to organize Chaupals regularly at various sites in his constituency after today's first. Mr. Khandelwal added that as a public representative, he wants to be available, communicate with the people, and solve their problems quickly. This initiative implements Your MP at Your Door. During the election campaign, he told people, "Today I come asking for votes, tomorrow I will come asking for work," therefore he initiated this public interaction campaign to maintain in touch with the people. Mr. Khandelwal said he will fulfill all his electoral promises, pledges, and commitments and solve people's problems. He plans numerous new Chandni Chowk projects. At the Chaupal, many locals complained to Mr. Khandelwal about the Delhi Municipal Corporation, Delhi Jal Board, and PWD. MCD authorities at Chaupal recognized these issues and promised rapid solutions. Traffic and parking challenges, water supply complaints, absence of community centers, pavement encroachments, lack of loading and unloading facilities in Chandni Chowk market, and tangled overhead electrical lines in markets were further issues. Mr. Khandelwal promised to investigate these issues. A Chandni Chowk girl named Geetanjali had been waiting for leg treatment for a long time. Mr. Khandelwal immediately contacted LNJP Hospital Medical Director Dr. Suresh Gupta to schedule Geetanjali's appointment. Her family thanked Mr. Khandelwal and hoped their daughter would recover soon. In several lanes, illegal submersible pumps caused major water shortages, and most homeowners reported substantial water difficulties in their homes. These challenges become increasingly urgent as summer approaches. People also complained about exposed sewage, cleanliness, and safety from public drinking and gambling in several alleyways. After hearing these complaints, Mr. Khandelwal ordered the staff to act immediately and told the crowd that each issue would be rectified soon. Mr. Khandelwal later told media, "I am grateful to the people of Chandni Chowk for providing me this opportunity to help them, and I will continue. I would settle concerns in every ward of my constituency daily through Jan Chaupal." People thanked Mr. Khandelwal for the Jan Chaupal effort, saying it was unprecedented for their congressman to sit on the street to discuss their issues. Change hopes are high with this endeavor.