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 Bigg Boss 17: After Karan Johar grills Vicky Jain; latter reminds wife Ankita Lokhande of bearing the brunt of her past relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput, financially helping her family 
Jan 15, 2024 12:36 pm

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, Karan Johar, who took over hosting Weekend Ka Vaar from Salman Khan this week, tells Vicky Jain that he should have stood up for his wife Ankita Lokhande as she continued apologizing to his mother. This miffed Vicky, and he later had an intense argument with his wife Ankita. Vicky asked Ankita what had happened in the therapy room. Ankita kept insisting that they speak about it outside the house but Vicky asked her to tell what had happened. She told Vicky, 'Do you trust me.' Ankita said, " "Meri mummy ko papa ne phone kiya tha 'Aap aapke pati ko aisi maarti thi kya chappal jute phek ke?' Papa ne aur bhi bola tha, 'aapki aukat kya hai.' I politely told mummy that she was alone, my papa recently passed away. I genuinely felt guilty and apologised to her. Later, my mom revealed that Papa had told her many other things. But I asked her to not bring this up." After listening to this, Vicky tells her, "What would your father have said? He wouldn't have liked it. He would have expressed it in some way. Is this different or the same feeling?" Ankita reminds the statement but Vicky says, "I feel they are trying to portray Vicky and his family as rich egoistic people and Ankita's family is taking all the sufferings. She is still balancing it and taking all the harsh things on herself." Ankita tries to clarify, "Nobody is saying this Vicky." Vicky replied, "But this is how it is being portrayed right." Ankita replied, "Did you ever see this, even after everything happened in the therapy room?" Vicky says, "Sach kya hai Ankita? Aapko kya lagta hai?"Ankita tells him that he has always been the ideal husband who has supported her and been there for her in her toughest phase. He has always given the love that she deserved. Vicky kept confronting her and their relationship, he said, "Does my family interfere in your career, in our life or what you wear and how you live?" Ankita kept denying it. Ankita says, "Our mothers haven't seen us like this so it must be affecting them. I have earned a lot of respect and love in your house. I don't want to lose that because of these fights. That is why I have been apologising. I am ready to say sorry 1000 times." Vicky said, "Haven't I told you numerous times about how things are getting projected? You need to understand how you react to things and what impacts will come because of that. In 4-5 years, my family has never reacted to our marriage or kept any boundaries. When you don't go to Bilaspur, my family has never forced you. Has anybody in our family expected anything from you? We got married with our family's blessings."
Vicky then tells Ankita that he has tried to make her understand time and again, "After entering Bigg Boss, we are saying that we are living the same way as we have been. But in these 5 years, haven't I told you that we have to keep certain conduct when we are outside? Or else there will be problems, and your attitude towards it is laid back. This could affect someone, and I have time and again told you. It's not just you and me, I used to remind you this. You know how we stay in my family. It is completely different." Vicky then talks about staying with Ankita's family, "When I came to stay with you guys, did I stay like a rich damaad or like a son? I also adapted myself to your and your family's lifestyle. When I came into a relationship with you, your past relationship which is famous on national television between Sushant and you. I had to bear the brunt of all of that. I took all that on me. If you had an objection then you wouldn't have decided to marry me. You took this decision on your own. I have always been there with your whole family." Ankita said, "I know that Vicky and I have received the same love from your family. That is why I felt so guilty and I didn't want to reveal this topic here. I had even stopped Karan from talking about it." Ankita says, "There is nothing more important in my life than our marriage, our family. I don't want to miss out on the love from my in-laws." Vicky further slammed, "A sorry cannot repair, it is spoiling reputations. I feel demotivated, I was there as a son in the relationship. I have always stood for you." Ankita says, "Even I am there for our family. I also give my 100% to our relationship." Vicky slams her, "You don't even go home for 10 days in Bilaspur. You stay in Mumbai and live your own life. Nobody tells you to come, there are no boundaries for you. When things are uneasy like this then we don't love people." Ankita tells, "I have always tried to give more from my side to your family, I tried to be there for everything that is possible because I know you have done a lot for me. As I know how much you have done for my family be it financially, emotionally, everything." Vicky replied, "Right, I have done everything. Haven't I done things on a personal level. I have understood the biggest of things about you that I don't want to mention here. Are those things small? What did I get in the end? This label of being not a good husband."