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Bigg Boss 17: After a heated argument, Isha Malviya's mother criticizes Abhishek Kumar and says she may file a lawsuit against him.
Jan 04, 2024 01:33 pm

There was a major commotion on social media following a brawl between Bigg Boss 17 contestants Abhishek Kumar and Samarth Jurel. Stars like Riteish Deshmukh, Prince Narula, Kamya Punjabi, and others spoke out in favor of Abhishek. Isha Malviya came under fire from his co-star Ankit Gupta in Udaariyan for the way she treated him. From there, the situation has only gotten hotter. Isha's mother has attacked Abhishek on social media in a recent development. She published a story claiming that Abhishek has consistently treated her daughter disrespectfully and that she should file a lawsuit for this.  On last night's show, Isha, Abhishek, and Samarth got into a heated argument. Abhishek gave Samarth a slap to halt this altercation. The producers of the show have not yet determined how to penalize Abhishek. Nonetheless, other competitors have voiced their disapproval of the Udaariyan actor's actions. Ankita Lokhande and Isha continued by saying that they felt uneasy in Abhishek's company at the residence. Once Abhishek was cornered, Isha reversed her strategy and criticized Samarth's actions. Abhishek and Isha had dated throughout Udaariyan, but they broke up after Isha accused him of being violent. She even told me about the time Abhishek struck her so hard that a section of her face turned blue. That was last evening.