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Aman Sehrawat wins the title at the start of the new year and is ready to face Ravi Dahiya in the Paris race.
Jan 11, 2024 04:10 pm

The greatest prodigy in Indian wrestling, Aman Sehrawat, endured cruel taunts at his akhara, or dheel, for months on end.His laid-back manner was unrelated to it. Instead, that was how Sehrawat's coaches described his wrestling technique in the first few exchanges of a bout—sometimes caustically, sometimes cynically, but always out of frustration. Maybe the barb would have sounded in his ears.In the first ten seconds of the Ranking Series competition in Zagreb, the 20-year-old gave up a four-point takedown to M Karavus of Turkey in his first fight of the year.Sehrawat was a little slow to start in the initial round of the day, but he went on to win the 57kg title at the UWW Ranking Series in Zagreb, defeating China's Wanhao Zou 10-0 in the gold medal battle. Since it was the only occasion in the tournament where Sehrawat conceded points, it appeared the move woke him up. Swift and forceful, Sehrawat easily defeated all of his opponents, including Karavus, who the Indian defeated with ten consecutive points, to start the Olympic year as the winner.This was extremely welcome news for Indian wrestling, which has spent the last year reeling from player protests, accusations of sexual harassment against former president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, an international suspension, and internal turmoil.etter even for Sehrawat's coach, who was ecstatic that the wrestler's gradual starts during the off-season had paid off. "We haven't had many tournaments in the past few months, but we haven't taken a day off from work." "The entire duration was dedicated to enhancing his starts," stated Lalit Kumar, his coach, who received the Dronacharya Award on Tuesday. "It took some time to instill in him the belief that he cannot be dheela on the mat for even a brief moment if he hopes to compete in the Olympics and win a medal."