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Adah Sharma's Bastar The Naxal Story debuts with ₹50 lakh on day one.
Mar 16, 2024 01:34 pm

Bastar: The Naxal Story, from the crew of The Kerala Story, has started poorly in competition with Sidharth Malhotra's Yodha. Last year, Adah Sharma, Sudipto Sen, and Vipul Amrutal Shah's The Kerala Story was a movie office hit. The first day collection recorded by Sacnilk suggests that their new collaboration Bastar: The Naxal Story may not do as well. Bastar movie review: Adah Sharma disappoints in film that believes Naxalism exists mainly because of communism At the domestic box office, Bastar earned barely ₹50 lakh. This pales in comparison to her previous picture, The Kerala Story, which had a stellar day one. The film, directed by Sudipto and produced by Vipul, grossed ₹8 crore on its first day. After a steady growth at the box office, it reached a lifetime total of ₹242 crore in India. Bastar: The Naxal Story faces severe competition from Yodha, a bigger hijack action thriller starring Sidharth Malhotra, Disha Patani, and Raashii Khanna. The film, produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions and directed by debutant combo Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha, grossed ₹4.26 crore, eight times above Bastar's opening day collection. Based on the Naxal conflict in Chhattisgarh's Bastar district, the film examines locals' suffering without turning political. Adah portrays an IPS officer in the film. Vipul said Bastar: The Naxal Story isn't political this week after The Kerala Story's uproar. Political involvement wasn't our goal. Human tragedy is our focus. The regular people suffer because all politics is one-sided. When will their suffering be revealed? He added people generally swear at politicians and ignore the matter, but this human tragedy must be addressed.