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A popular Haryanvi song, "Khari Matke," is sung by Sapna and Punit Choudhary.
Feb 24, 2024 06:46 pm

The Haryanvi song Khari Matke by Sapna and Punit Choudhary is becoming popular as soon as it is released. Black and White Company has published the song. It seems that a lot of people really enjoy this song. The song's producers are Manjeet Singh Nain, Venus Bandhu, and Neeraj Singh; Udit Nangia and Akash Gurjar serve as assistant producers. The entire song's team as well as a number of social media stars attended a program dedicated to the song at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Ghaziabad. Everyone danced to the fullest extent of the song at this event. Everyone who attended the event gave the song high appreciation and predicted that it will become Haryana's hit song. Jadugar wrote the song's lyrics, and Gulshan Music provided the music. This song has been sung by Ashu Twinkle and Raj Mawar. Through their performances in the song, Sapna and Punit Choudhary have captured the hearts of the public. This song was directed by Farishta.