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500+ professors and academics launch Academics4NaMo to promote Modi government achievements.   
Jan 09, 2024 05:40 pm


Academics4NaMo, launched Monday by around 500 university academics, wants to “disseminate information about the achievements of the Modi government to the intellectual world”. Academics4Nation, a collection of professors and researchers, aims to “create a vibrant academic discourse that engenders Indo-centric ideas, approaches, and points of view”.The first Academics4NaMo meeting was conducted at Delhi University's South Campus, including academics from DU, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Institutes of Technology, Ambedkar University, and Indian Institute of Mass Communication. New campaign website: It states that Academics4NaMo is a “effort of academics, intellectuals, and thought leaders to counter the propaganda of the opposition, create a positive environment, and spread the word about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.”Multiple sessions are scheduled at institutes throughout during the next 15 days.Prof Shri Prakash Singh, Director of Delhi University, South Campus, and advisory council member of Academics4Nation, said at the Delhi meeting that this is a “opportune moment for India to reclaim its glory through the developmental vision of the Honorable Prime Minister” and that thinkers, writers, and researchers must share this message. He added that Modi must be re-elected in 2024.Dr. Swadesh Singh, assistant professor of political science at Satyawati College (DU) and founder and former convenor of Academics4Nation, said the 2019 general elections saw a similar attempt.Dr. Devi Dayal Gautam, assistant professor of sociology at Delhi School of Economics and Academics4Nation convenor, stated at the meeting: “Ensuring the return of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for a third consecutive term by creating a pragmatic narrative and fostering the right discourse through scholarly efforts.”